All the Best Linux Cheat Sheets

1. Linux Command Line

2. Linux Security

3. Linux Administration

4. Gnome/KDE

5. sed/awk/vim and other tools

6. Distro Specific

7. Everything Else

  • Online Man Pages – The ultimate cheat sheet repository. Also use the ‘man‘ command.

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16 Responses

  1. Eric Wendelin


    I’m surprised you didn’t include your awesome Vim post. Regardless, I have a LOT of new reading to do :)

  2. Peteris Krumins


    Lots of my cheat sheets here:

  3. Peteris Krumins


    Also, hi Eric :)

  4. Mark Sanborn


    Anyone interested in more of the sed/awk “power tools” of Linux check out Peteris Krumins site posted above. I have learned a lot from his blog.

    Forgot about the vim article Eric, I’ll link it up.

  5. The Dozy Kraut


    There is a nice concise cheat sheet in html format at:

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  7. Eric Wendelin


    Hello again, Peteris. :) Good to see you around here.

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  11. James Johnson


    Yes, this is good. I have a lot a reading to accomplish.

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  13. Slacker 12.2


    Haha! Pretty good cheat sheets you have there! :)

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  15. spuffler


    Once more, another ‘blog that promotes ten year old documents… do you realize how frequently Linux applications and binaries get updated? In some cases, whole rewrites have occurred on some Linux binaries? Maybe your readers could benefit from you actually verifying some (or all) off what you post. That is to say, if you CAN verify things like these.
    It isn’t easy when someone needs such cheat sheets, only to find the syntax or the whole options list is well outdated.

  16. Software Developer


    Good list on Linux cheat sheets thank you for sharing it with us. Look forward to see more..